Hi, I’m Tina and owner of MyoTherapeia.

What Is MyoTherapeia?

Being of Greek background it was fitting to use it when coming up with my business name, Myo meaning muscle and Therapeia meaning therapy.

I have always had an interest in Health, Fitness and Wellbeing. So, after working in Pharmacy for almost 17 years, I thought it was time to give something else a go. Already having completed my Certificate 3&4 in Personal Training, I thought “I love having a massage”, why not give that a go!!

So, in 2014, with 2 young children and one more on the way, I embarked on my journey to become a Myotherapist and achieved that milestone in 2017 when I completed my Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy. I have learnt so much more than how to massage! Our bodies are amazing, from learning how they can adapt to protect and prevent further injuries or dysfunctions, to how a certain amount of pressure placed in the correct spot can alleviate pain.

It feels amazing to have a client come to you in pain at the beginning of a treatment and then leave with little to no pain and with the knowledge and positivity of knowing that they can get back to where they want to be.